Production of transformers, power suppliers and spools

Induttanze e avvolgimenti

Founded in the 1970s in Villafranca Padovana, in the province of Padua, S.V.T.I. Veneto Industrial Transformers specialises in the production of:

  • civil single-phase transformers;
  • industrial three-phase transformers;
  • transformers with terminal;
  • non-resin and resin transformers;
  • various kinds of power suppliers;
  • electric spools and coils;
  • reactors and filters.

The company provides a complete service, from designing to completion of the finished article plus all the electronics and electrotechnical components.

S.V.T.I. offers customised solutions, designing made-to-measure items according to customers' specific requirements and according to their requests and needs.

All S.V.T.I. products are made in compliance with CEI EN 61558, CEI 96.7 and 96.8 regulations, as well as the RoHS 2002/95/CE directive.
The CE markings present on the articles is the guarantee of safety and compliance with the directives established by the European Community.

S.V.T.I. ISO Certification
S.V.T.I. ISO Certification
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