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Electrical transformers

With forty years of experience behind them, S.V.T.I. Veneto Industrial Transformers is one of the leading companies in the production of industrial transformers, not only in Veneto but also throughout Italy and abroad.


The company in Padua offers an extensive catalogue, which also includes:

  • many models of industrial autotransformers;
  • high-quality electrical transformers;
  • various models of painted transformers;
  • various types of resin transformers;
  • many ferrite components for industrial needs.

Following is more information on the various models.


Painted transformers

These items are prevalently, but not only, transformers for printed circuits, 

designed and built to be directly fixed onto the electronic boards. The characteristics of these items include:

  • Standard power: 0.5VA to 150VA.
  • Input voltage: 230V and varied;
  • Output voltage: 24V and various.

S.V.T.I. is able to create items with greater power and with any input and output voltage, with even more than one.


The copper wire of the coil is protected by a fibreglass casing. Isolation from external agents is ensured by being dipped in clear varnish. Finishes include various outputs, amongst which are PCB terminals and flexible wires or, on request, various types of connectors can also be applied. In addition, the items also have a clamp for fastening as well as thermal protection.

They are widely used in electronic and electromechanical industry sectors, and for the production of industrial equipment, industrial and civil automatisms, satellite equipment, radio and television equipment, as well as for the creation of management tools and machinery with numerical control.

Resin transformers

These items are used predominantly for mounting directly on the electronic cards and are characterised by a greater safety as regards the insulation from external agents, compared to painted versions. These items are also equipped with the following characteristics:

  • Standard power: 0.5VA to 150VA.
  • input voltage: 230V and varied;
  • output voltage: 24V and various.

As with other models, S.V.T.I. can also provide greater power and various input voltages and output or outputs for these.

A self-extinguishing resin layer protects the copper wire present in the coil, and the isolation from external agents is ensured by a self-extinguishing resin coating inside the container in which the transformer is inserted. The product is equipped with terminals for printed circuits, flexible wires or connectors, terminals for printed circuits, thermal protection and containers with or without fixing holes.


A veritable transformer, in which instead of the lamellar pack, ferrite components are utilised. These variants are widely employed for the production of industrial automation, of electronic equipment, measuring instruments and of a wide range of security devices.

Standard production includes typologies from E15 to E42, with supports that can be used both horizontally and vertically.

A coil of Mylar Tape protects the copper wire coil, and finishes also include a metal clip.

Upon request, the S.V.T.I. company in the province of Padua can also provide ferrites of various sizes. For information and quotes, simply call the number +39 049 9070026, or send a fax to +39 049 9070416 or email info@svti.it .


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