High-frequency switching transformers and inductors

Production of electrical inductors and filters

High-frequency switching transformers, compared to low-frequency transformers, allow for the maximising of power supplied, with size and dimensions kept to a minimum.


In fact, the electric transformers designed to operate at high frequency have decidedly smaller dimensions than traditional transformers.

The high frequency S.V.T.I. switching transformers are produced with innovative ferrite cores with high magnetic permeability, where the transformers require a greater level of insulation, with triple insulation wires (TIW) in copper. These transformers are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials, electrolytic copper conductor wire, insulators with high dielectric and thermal properties (classes F and H), impregnated with paint or epoxy resins.


S.V.T.I. high-frequency transformers are produced with automatic machinery to ensure maximum reliability and repeatability in electric tolerance parameters.

S.V.T.I. designs and develops various types of switching transformers created and customised according to the needs of the end client, maximising the performance and preventing any kind of problem from a safety and electromagnetic compatibility point of view.

Besides traditional switching transformers, S.V.T.I. also designs and produces high-frequency inductors with ferrite core in any form (EE, ETD, toroidal, PQ, RM, etc.).

S.V.T.I. switching transformers at high frequency are also used for the suppression of radio interference coupled with capacitors, avoiding the spread of parasitic signals emanating from the power supply and from the electricity grid, in the protection circuits and control of control apparatuses or in the dimmer.


Among the primary and secondary electric windings, a protective shield can also be applied that ensures a greater insulation; in addition, upon request thermal protection against overheating can be applied on the primary winding, which can have automatic or manual thermal reset, depending on the required applications.


S.V.T.I. high frequency switching transformers cover a wide range of applications, with dimensional and technical characteristics ranging from standard to the most complex customisation, both with horizontal or vertical support spools or with a toroidal core.

S.V.T.I. supports its clients throughout the design and customisation of the high-frequency transformers, so as to guarantee the best results in economic and technical performance terms. The quality of S.V.T.I. high frequency transformers is verified across various levels: each implementation phase is checked, from the initial winding to the final test of the transformer itself. Upon conclusion of production, each transformer is tested 100%. In this way, each transformer produced is certified for its electromagnetic performance and the degree of security guaranteed. The pre-testing and final testing is carried out in accordance with applicable CEI EN 61558 - CEI 96.7 - 96.8 - EC regulations, according to the type of transformer and its utilisation. The careful overseeing of production processes and customisation of testing with dedicated and specially-designed equipment guarantees maximum reliability for S.V.T.I. electric transformers.

Precise and binding tests ensure a high degree of safety and reliability for each transformer produced, in accordance with current national and international regulations.


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