Industrial toroidal transformers

Production of toroidal transformers


The toroidal transformers have the advantage over lamellar transformers, whether they are single-phase transformers or three-phase transformers, to ensure high performance with significantly reduced size and weight. They are used in all electrical devices requiring minimal bulk and simultaneous high performance (e.g. transformers and/or electro-transformers for use in audio devices).

In fact, toroidal transformers need to transfer the complete power load, without introducing limitations that could lead to a decrease in performance of the finished product on which these transformers are to be installed.


The S.V.T.I. toroidal transformers provide excellent yield and the greatest flexibility in terms of dimensions in that the magnetic cores are sheared on the basis of the specific requirements of the end client.

Both single-phase transformers and three-phase transformers are made, with toroids being supplied with a fastening kit consisting of one iron and two rubber discs, a necessary pack for the assembly of the toroidal transformer itself.


S.V.T.I. toroidal transformers can be supplied complete with accessories and customised wiring, based on the specific needs of the end client.

S.V.T.I. toroidal transformers are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials, copper wire and aluminium electrolytic conductors, insulators with elevated dielectric and thermal properties (classes F and H), impregnated with paint or epoxy resins, and are extremely robust and safe to suit every installation need.

S.V.T.I. toroidal transformers can also be supplied complete with epoxy resin in the central hole, on which are applied appropriate inserts and/or supports suitable for mounting the transformers themselves. Otherwise, the transformers can be positioned inside a plastic box, which guarantees the transformers a higher degree of IP protection for applications that require it.

Among the primary and secondary electric windings, a protective shield that ensures greater insulation can also be applied. In addition, upon request a thermal protection against overheating can be applied on the primary winding, heating that can be automatically or manually reset, depending on the required application
The quality of S.V.T.I. toroidal transformers is checked on various levels: each phase of implementation is monitored, from the initial winding through to the final testing of the transformer itself.


Upon conclusion of production, each transformer is tested 100%. In this way, the electromagnetic performance and safety degree is certified for each transformer. The pre-testing and final testing is carried out in accordance with applicable CEI EN 61558 - CEI 96.7 - 96.8 - CE regulations, according to the type of transformer and its utilisation. The careful overseeing of production processes and customisation of testing with dedicated and specially-designed equipment guarantees maximum reliability for S.V.T.I. electronic transformers. Also to note is that the S.V.T.I. toroidal transformers are made with automated machinery to ensure maximum reliability and repeatability of the electric tolerance parameters. S.V.T.I. designs and develops various types of toroidal transformers, projected and customised according to the needs of the end user by maximising performance and preventing any kind of problem.

S.V.T.I. toroidal transformers can also be created with extra-flat laminated cores that allow for further reducing the weight and dimensions of the transformers themselves, equal to the power supplied.

S.V.T.I. toroidal transformers cover a wide range of applications with dimensional and technical characteristics that stretch from standard to more complex customisation.


S.V.T.I. supports its customers from the design and customisation of electrical toroidal transformers, so as to guarantee the best results in economic and technical performance terms.
S.V.T.I. electrical transformers are applied to various sectors, such as that of control panels, home automation and more generally in all applications requiring a variation of voltage with respect to that fed to the transformer itself.

Precise and binding tests ensure a high degree of safety and reliability for each transformer produced, in accordance with current national and international regulations.


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