Electric spools and windings


Production of electrical windings

S.V.T.I. Veneto Industrial Transformers, operating in the Veneto region since the 1970s, offers a vast catalogue of products, including:

  • Electrical windings;
  • spools for industrial pumps;
  • windings for electrical applicances;
  • spools for any use
  • round spools.

All items are studied, designed and developed in accordance with the needs of the end client.



Dealing with copper wire windings, they are made with a plastic support of variable dimensions in accordance with the end use for which the product is destined.

The copper wire may be exposed, or can be protected by an adhesive layer of Mylar paper dim. 0.10 Upon request, the finish can include a lamellar pack and possibly a self-resetting thermal protection against overheating.

These items are widely used in the aquariology and gardening sectors, as well as in the manufacturing of industrial pumps and appliances.

Products are also built upon customer request or even by design; in this way, the company is able to supply a highly-personalised service, able to meet the most varying requirements for a wide range of industrial and civil applications.


Dealing with electrical windings on round plastic substrates, they are particularly suitable for the production of industrial automatisms and electronic equipment. Also these items can be made to measure or according to designs supplied by the client.


Production of electrical windings

S.V.T.I. Veneto Industrial Transformers designs and manufactures windings of any kind: the company, in fact, creates items in any shape and size, on any type of support and, above all, made-to-measure or based on the client's project.

To request information and quotes you may:

  • call the number +39 049 9070026;
  • send a fax to the number +39 049 9070416;
  • send an email to info@svti.it .

The Sales Office of S.V.T.I. Veneto Industrial Transformers is always available to provide information and/or personalised quotes to clients for the wide range of solutions offered.

Thanks to years of experience, the company is now one of the major points of reference in the field of windings, with its products utilised in Italy and abroad.

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